The Moonlight Half Marathon 2016 – 6th edition – to run along the Venetian lagoon Run in the sunset along the Venetian lagoon on a 21k course. Venice Moonlight Half Marathon 2016 is an international half marathon race certified by FIDAL (IAAF federated). A 21 km course to discover the enchanting Venetian coast, starting in

New running tours in Romeo and Juliet’s city! Get the best with our brand new exciting tours in Verona. Venice and Verona, two beautiful cities of  the Veneto region, linked together by history and now by the same way of visiting them: by run! Starting from 26th April 2016 we are going to offer new

Venice by Run and Venice Marathon together to spread the word of sightseeing Venice in a running way. Oh yes, we continue to widen our network to create a passionate family made by associations, companies, individuals, all of them pooled by running. What is better than a sport association known worldwide for its wonderful organization

The first urban trail organized by Venice Marathon in the mood of our running tours. Run in the night and circumnavigate the whole Venice historic centre. Run by night for 16K through streets and squares, up and down for 51 bridges, to discover the mystery and the great wonders of the unique Venetian town center.