Spring is giving way to summer and Venice is going to become a busy place for feasts!   With the warm temperature finally coming, runners are for sure preparing their track and road races but refreshing in open air during the evening can also be part of the workout. This week has started the long

There is a city in Italy where the Carnival follows a calendar that is completely different from the traditional one. This is Milan with the great “Carnevale Ambrosiano”.   It is a unique tradition, to the time when Sant’Ambrogio was the bishop of Milan. He left for a pilgrimage promising the population to return in

It is one of the most famous Italian carnivals in the world and attracts thousands of visitors every year to attend the busy program of events: we are talking about the Venice Carnival, an event that has been happening for over 900 years!   Its roots sink into pagan rituals that celebrated the end of

Festa di Sant’Antonio, 11-18 June 2016 Discover the mix of secular tradition and religious feast in Castello district.     The Festa di San Antonio has come to its 18th edition. It mixes the secular party to the catholic procession through the calli of the parish of San Francesco della Vigna (13th June). It is