Hydration and other 5 vital things to remember while running in summer Hot summer running feels like stepping on a lava flow, if only the extreme heat does not hinder you from going for a jog at all. However, switching to the treadmill for the entire season would be such a waste: days are longer

Common sport activities improve your bond and set you up for a long-lasting relationship, recent studies say. Some activities, however, are not fun to do together or just too difficult to perform. Others seem to be made for two! Now, there are 5 reasons RUNNING is a perfect sport for couples.   IT BOOSTS MORE

Wake up early to catch the morning run benefits: see the city like a few can see, in its very unique moments and colors! Let’s use the first light of the sun for a run in Venice, Verona, Milan and Florence. This is the best occasion to enjoy the empty streets in the early morning

It is quite an experience to find a corner of ancient Rome in Milan and there is a particular area in the city where you can take a trip back in time. Run through history passing by the ancient Ruins of the Emperor’s place: take a look at the Roman columns line up in front