A practical guide to Venice Marathon 2018 races with all the relevant info to run ones of the most amazing races in the Veneto region.   Venice Marathon Club is deploying on the field all its great skills acquired through +30 years of experience in races organisation. Venice Marathon 2018 calendar is well fitted to

There are many bridges in Venice, they have been counted and there are 438 bridges all over the city, but on some occasions we can add another one: HUAWEI Venicemarathon is one of them   As we mentioned in the previous articleby Stories by Run, the organization will set up a temporary bridge to connect

After the Liberty Bridge you will have to run for about other 6K to reach  the finish line of the Venicemarathon…these will be probably the most fascinating kilometers but also the hardest for  many athletes.   Some are the difficulties of this last part of the course: the first one is the change of pavement. You

The last ten kilometers of Venicemarathon will lead you into the historic center of Venice which will show you its characteristic elements: the lagoon, the islands and the bridges, much important links between all the parts of Venice, island in the middle of the lagoon basin.   Exactly a bridge, or better two bridges, will