The last ten kilometers of Venicemarathon will lead you into the historic center of Venice which will show you its characteristic elements: the lagoon, the islands and the bridges, much important links between all the parts of Venice, island in the middle of a lagoon.   Exactly a bridge, or better two bridges, will allow

After Marghera, the landscape of Venice Marathon will change again. The runners will enter Parco San Giuliano.   Parco San Giuliano stands on the shores of the lagoon, near “Ponte della Libertà” and halfway between Venice and Mestre. An area with a significant symbolic role: it is both the access to Venice and center of

After the Venetian villas that characterize the race course along the Brenta Riviera, we are now entering the Municipality of Venice.   Passing the industrial area of Fusina and Marghera, a symbol of the twentieth-century industry (seen as driving force of the economy of that period, but also as cause of environmental problems) and launched

Running the 32nd Venicemarathon on 22nd October means seeing a one of a kind race course sprinkled with historic dwelling  like Villa Foscari la Malcontenta Villa Pisani emphasises the union between Venice and its mainland, both from historical and artistic point of view. From here, in fact, starts the famous and beautiful Riviera del Brenta,