CMP Venice Night Trail 2019
Venice Night Trail 2019

The 4th edition of Venice Night Trail is on the way, we can pretty say it is becoming a tradition to Venice!

Saturday 13th April at 9 pm will be the time to night-run through the beauty of Venice.

Here we are again ready for the fourth edition of our beloved Venice Night Trail!

Running at night, wrapped in the silence and accompanied by the sweet melody of the water. This is an experience not to be missed for those who love to match a sporting occasion with the discover of enchanting urban contexts.

As the previous editions also the 2019  – organized by Venice Marathon Club – is set to sold out very quickly!

The Venice Night Trail 2019 keeps the same winning original format of the previous editions: running at night, circumnavigating Venice by run in an enthusiastic set of beauty. You will face the race course along canali and rii, across campi and campielli, crossing 51 bridges, in a maze of calli and fondamenta paved with masegni up to cover about 16K | 10 mi.

Get ready to race!


Registration: Venice Night Trail 2019

Type: urban race (competitive FIDAL/IAAF athletes) and urban run (not competitive)

Lenght: 16K | 10 mi

Bridges: 51

Bibs: 3.500

When: 13th April 2019, start time 9pm

Where: Venice, San Basilio (GMaps location)

Equipment: headlamp required

Race kit: race number (bib) with a timing device and a race pack

Course: open to pedestrian traffic. It is marked and controlled by numerous volunteers, pay particular attention to the signs and be careful not to overwhelm tourists and passersby

Maximum time: 3 hours

Services: changing rooms with toilets, resfreshment points along the course, pre and post race transportation service San Giuliano park (Mestre) <-> Venice (San Basilio)

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