Along all the courses you will encounter public fountains pouring drinkable water. You can drink from the fountains or bring with you a water bottle to refill at.

We invite you to always check the local weather forecast and to wear in accordance to it. For comfort and safety reasons we always suggest to use high cushion running shoes (cat. A3).

Please keep in mind that there is not available a deposit for personal items and changing clothes, so come at the meeting point already dressed to run.

Every tour is designed with short stops to let you sightsee the spots visited and hydrate, if needed. And of course to take some nice photos!

The running pace indicated in group tours refers to a run on a flat course and is intended as the pace the runner must comfortable be able to keep for the whole distance in order to enjoy the tour. The pace could be sped up on the basis of the group composition and on condition of unanimous agreement of all the participants.