Happy running holidays!
Italy by Run_Christmas2017

New brand, more destinations, same style


Dear runners,

we got plenty of satisfactions again in 2017 and this happened thanks to you. Yes, running tours are a good way to keep us fit and healthy and endorphines work well also for us running guides, but the most relevant thing is the beauty you delivered us every time. We can write and say it loud, we always met beautiful, authentic, happy runners.

Since the beginning in 2015, we received appreciations from people spread around Italy, passionate about running and eager to introduce their cities as an insider to other visitors, asking to share the Venice by Run project with other destinations.

The time has come, all these led us to extend the same authentic and original running tours from Venice to Florence, Verona and Milan: Italy by Run was born.

The website italybyrun.com has a new design and booking process, new tours are available, more are coming in the next months. We hope you like all this.

Christmas is a kind of honey-period and the following words can sound like that, but we want to be honest: meeting you wonderful people made it possible.

Merry holidays and happy new running year!

Italy by Run team


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