Carnival is not over… in Milan!
Duomo di Milano

There is a city in Italy where the Carnival follows an original calendar: we are talking about the great Milan Carnival known as “Carnevale Ambrosiano”.

It is a unique tradition, to the time when Sant’Ambrogio was the bishop of Milan. He left for a pilgrimage promising the population to return in time for the rituals of the beginning of Lent. Unfortunately, the future saint could not return in time, but the population decided to wait for him, prolonging the Carnival and postponing Lent.

According to the calendar of the Ambrosian rite, therefore, the culmination of the 2018 Milan Carnival celebrations will be on Saturday 17th February, traditionally also called “Fat Saturday”, with the parade and the evening show in “Piazza del Duomo”, preceded by a three-day processions and initiatives in every area of the city. As usual, this edition will also be set up on the basis of a specific theme which, this year, will be inspired by insects. Regardless of the theme, among the masks of the colorful parades will not miss the traditional Meneghino and his wife Cecca.

Although throughout the city you can breathe party air thanks to the many initiatives that will animate the different neighborhoods, the heart of the Milan Carnival is the great religious procession of the “Fat Saturday”. Experience the folklore strolling through the streets of the city among the carts, the traditional masks and the locals. The final parade is set on Saturday from the morning until early afternoon and takes the following route: Palestro, Piazza San Babila, Corso Europa, Piazza Fontana and Piazza Beccaria. It will be a triumph of colors, music and dances accompanied by performances with acrobats, clowns, jugglers and street artists who will follow the procession along the way.

And to join the Carnival in great style the appointment is the evening of Saturday, February 17 in Piazza Duomo where, at the end of the historical parade, the splendid spires of the Cathedral will be the exceptional background of the big final show.

Carnival is the perfect opportunity for locals and visitors to see the city in a different perspective and also to taste traditional food, like sweet “chiacchiere”, available in the city’s pastry shops…the best reward after one of our Milan running tour!

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