Milan TOP tour: running back through time
San Lorenzo columns - Milan Running Back Through Time

It is quite an experience to find a corner of ancient Rome in Milan and there is a particular area in the city where you can take a trip back in time.

Run through history passing by the ancient Ruins of the Emperor’s place: take a look at the Roman columns line up in front of the Basilica of San Lorenzo, just beyond the arches of Porta Ticinese.

This is absolutely one of the most striking and notable sights in the city!

The 16 marble columns, with Corinthian capitals, represent one of the most important Roman finds in Milan, along with the remains of the amphitheatre, the theatre, the “herculean” baths and a few other traces of the imperial city.

The colonnade was erected in the late-ancient period (probably in the 5th century) to create a scenic perspective of the atrium in front of the church. It was constructed out of columns, bases, capitals and fragments of much older architraves, recovered from an unknown public building that dated back to the second half of the 2nd century. Although very different , of course, from the 4th century when it was the main building at the centre of the map of the Western Roman Empire, the Basilica di San Lorenzo is still today rather faithful to its paleochristian architectural origins which the reconstruction, carried out between 1573 and 1619, preserved.

This area is well know also beacause of the beautiful park situated between the two ancient basilicas of San Lorenzo and Sant’Eustorgio.

Parco Giovanni Paolo II”, once known as “Parco delle Basiliche” (open from 6.30am to 11pm) is a combination of nature and architectural marvels. You will feel a truly atmosphere of tranquillity and peace (at least until the vibrant Navigli zone!!)

The whole area surrounding the park and the Colonne di San Lorenzo is one of the most popular night-life district of Milan: a location full of many fashion shops, bars and restaurants. 

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