Ramses II laser light beam to celebrate 100 years of Marghera
ramses II laser light marghera

Ramses II is the name of the laser light beam 12.000m high and visible throughout the Veneto region – lit at 7pm on Monday 15 January 2018 at the plant Cereal Docks Marghera.

Since a week the night sky of Marghera recalls the scenery of Gotham City.


It is the most powerful moving head lighting fixture in the world (72.000 Watt) using the same technology as the Tribute in Light, the artistic installation in memory of the attacks in New York on September 11, 2001.

A sort of modern comet star, to celebrate the 100 year history of the Venetian industrial pole and at the same time to indicate to everyone that the future of our territory is inextricably linked to the rebirth of the Venetian industrial area.

Ramses II uses laser light and color as metaphors of life to influence the architectural perception of industrial spaces and accentuate their symbolic meaning.

Enjoy a run along the bridge that connects Venice with the main land (Ponte della Libertà – 4.5Km) to see the light beam at its best – but only till the end of March!


See it from Venice by booking one of our guided running tours.

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