It is spring running tour time in Italy!
2018 Spring Italy Running

Winter time is officially over in Italy, and we’re very excited about the beginning of spring: the beginning of Spring Running Tours time.


This is absolutely the best time for outdoor activities and also sight running tours benefit from eruptions of flower blossoms, unfurled daylight, and cadences of songbird melodies.

Spring is the ideal occasion to start (or re-start) a running routine: warm enough to convince you to get outside but cool enough to keep you from overheating. Obviously anytime we commit to working out is awesome, but honestly, summer and winter extreme temps can make running less comfortable.

Sure, fall is also beautiful with its foliage but spring is bursting with flowers, green grass and sunshine. Nothing puts a little pep in your step like hearing birds chirping, smelling freshly cut lawns and admiring the blooming gardens along your route. There’s such a feel-good aspect to running in the spring and to exploring Italian cities at the same time

Spring running tours in Venice

There’s no denying Venice is absolutely gorgeous in spring. The city awakens from its wintry spell and wisteria blooms over the canals. The atmosphere is fresh, and the views are full of sunshine and light. This season makes itself felt with wisteria spilling over from hidden walled gardens.

There is a precious little plant life – and even fewer tree – much of it are confined to small, private gardens but there are however a few public parks around the edges of the city. Venice is actually much greener than you can imagine…

Spring running tours in Verona

The city of lovers awaits you! Springtime is remarkably less crowded  than summer and with a light breeze it felt like Verona is the perfect place to shake off any last remnants of winter.

Immerse yourself in the serene and elegant atmosphere of an Italian style garden like the Giardino Giusti, located east of Verona, across the river from the historic center. Built in the 16th century along with the Neo-Classical Giusti Palace, it features a splendid series of terraces climbing upon the hill, with lovely views of Verona. The garden includes a parterre, a hedge maze, statues, ancient trees, gargoyles, fountains, grottoes and ancient inscriptions. A legend says that lovers who succeed in finding each other in the labyrinth are destined to eternal love…

Spring running tours in Milan

Milan is a fast-paced city with a decidedly more urban fell than its souther counterpart of Florence, so you might be surprised to find just how many parks and gardens the city has to offer! If you’re visiting Milan in spring, be sure to spend some time in one of the city’s many free, public parks and gardens.

Among all, right in the centre of the city, Parco Sempione is perfect after a day of sightseeing or as a mid-day pause thanks to its location that makes it very convenient. Walking or running through the park’s small center you can see the great walls of the Castello Sforzesco and the Arco della Pace. A mix of history and nature in town!

Spring running tours in Florence

South of the river Arno you can find Florence’s most scenic and best kept gardens overlooking the city. This is a very peaceful area, free from crowds, that usually offers a welcome respite from the summer heat and the gardens are at their best in spring.

You can stick your nose in every rose at Il Giardino delle Rose; or frolic among Florence’s city symbol, the Iris, at Il Giardino dell’Iris. Either choice leaves you engulfed in over 1,000 varieties of blossoms every May, when both species are in full bloom. The gardens are located under hilltop Piazzale Michelangelo and share the square’s prime view of Florence. Don’t miss to take a picture of the Duomo framed through the petals of your flowery throne… It is worth recording!

Put on your running shoes and join a sight running tour with Italy by Run!

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