STORIES BY RUN – Canals and ports: the history of Lido di Jesolo with MHM 2018 ed.
Stries by Run - MHM Jesolo 2018 Canals and ports: the history of Lido di Jesolo

MHM 2018 edition renews itself: the itinerary has been redesigned in total for both races, the classic distance of half marathon 21,097 km and also for the 10K fast way.


The route for 2018 goes inside the Jesolo’s municipality and start at the useful and central Piazza Milano.

With the new itinerary of the half marathon all runners can see the wonderful architectures of Lido di Jesolo and learn the history of the area between the sea and the lagoon.

After a few kilometres to start, the runners can see the historical aspect about this territory. The lands just outside the coast lead, introduce one of the big historical estate of coast, Canale Cavetta, which it will accompany the athletes along the itinerary until his mouth. The Venetian Republic realized the Cavetta in order to have a rapid fluvial connection with the trades in Friuli.

The work began in 1440 based on the hydraulic project created by Alvise Zuccarini. The canal called Cava Zuccherina, in remember to its designer, was closed early because, around 1600, a new canal was opened. This canal was big and straight like the actual Canale Cavetta, that it connected the Piave river (which at the time flowed into Sile) with Revedoli canal in Eraclea.

In 1683 the route of the Landrona determined hydrographic situation, that we see today: the Piave river changed his itinerary and went between the Cavetta canal and Revedoli canal, in this way the first river blocked the direct connetion. To avoid the possible flooding, characteristic of Piave river, the city decided to build the barriers in Cortellazzo and Revedoli.

In this way the Cortellazzo’s village was born and it became a fishing port. Today Cortellazzo is a famous touristic port in the end of Cavetta canal, that feed the waters of Sile. The barriers are always open and they are the begin of the modern part of Lido di Jesolo.


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