Summer Survival Guide For Runners
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Hydration and other 5 vital things to remember while running in summer

Hot summer running feels like stepping on a lava flow, if only the extreme heat does not hinder you from going for a jog at all. However, switching to the treadmill for the entire season would be such a waste: days are longer and lighter, there is more free time and a long to spend it outside. With the right approach, summer running is enjoyable and harmless, though. Teach your body to adapt to the heat with these rules:

Drink water at regular intervals

The fundamentals that your already know: your body needs to stay hydrated. When running through the heat, don’t wait till you get thirsty to drink – by that time you can be close to dehydration. Make sure you sip water regularly at small intervals. Carry a handheld water bottle or a multiple-bottle belt or make stops at drinking fountains on your way.

Be reasonable with food supplements and sports drinks

Overindulging in supplements can lead to stomach problems, while sweet sports drinks can rise the blood sugar – it gives you a charge first, but leaves drained of energy afterwards. The generally best time to have a sports drink is at the end of a long and tiresome run to replenish all the magnesium, potassium and calcium you lost through sweat.

Wear high-tech synthetic instead of cotton

Moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics is the best choice! Why not cotton? It will soak all the sweat up and become wet and heavy. Choose fair-colored clothes, as it reflects light instead of absorbing it and loose-fitting models that allow a breeze to get through. Wear a baseball cap or another apparel to protect your head. And also don’t forget to rub a high SPF sunscreen on all the uncovered parts.

Run early to avoid the maximum heat

The best idea would be going for a run before 7 am when the sun rays are less active and the air is still fresh. In Italy by Run, we conduct summer running tours early morning. Our runners catch the first rays of the sun and explore blissfully empty Milan, Venice, Florence and Verona with the running guides.

Milano Duomo early morning
An empty Milan square in the early moning

Get off the sunlit roads

Choose a route that you know has some shadows – a park with many trees would do great!  If you jog in a city, keep to the shadowy side of the streets. Remember that asphalt retains heat and bounces it back onto your wilting tired body, summer running on the ground or grass would be much better.

Adapting your training is not cheating

Finally, if you planned a high intensity workout, but the heat and humidity started to creep higher, it’s okay to make a change of plan. Do some static exercising, light aerobic activity or stretching. If you’re set on running, ease up on your expectations and have moderate jogging activity – there will be cooler days for breaking your best.

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Running in the heat will gradually be getting easier and more enjoyable once you learn to listen to your body and help it adapt. No worries, you have all the resources needed! A book released by the American Physiological Society says: “Humans are tropical animals and (if heat-acclimatized, given adequate shade and water, and able to limit their physical activity) can tolerate extended exposure to any climatic heat stress on earth”.

Use tips from this Summer Survival Guide For Runners and enjoy your summer jogging!

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