Colle San Pietro has earned its reputation as one of Verona’s must-see destinations. The top of the hill offers one of the most beautiful views of the city, overlooking the wide meander of the Adige, the old town with its geometric grid of streets, and the soaring bell towers.


It is here that one of the most beautiful monuments in the city, the Roman theatre, can be visited as part of the renovated archaeological museum. It dates back to the 1 c. AD and is still one of the city’s most important live venues (after the Arena, of course), showcasing performances including prose, with a particular focus on Shakespeare, as well as music and dance.

Don’t miss one of the most spectacular and photographed spots in Verona, with its cypresses, its stairways, and the houses clinging to the hillside. What’s more, the road to the hill is closed to traffic when there is a show on, offering a great opportunity to enjoy a stroll along the Adige on the path known as the “Lungadige di San Giorgio” which was recently repaved (remaining a pedestrian-only route).

And now there is another reason to visit the hill: the grand opening of the new “funicolare” in mid-2017, a rack railway system to climb the top of the hill in less than a minute (at two euros for a return ticket), avoiding the steps but enjoying the incredibly picturesque climb up through historic houses, well-kept gardens and Roman ruins. This system was conceived in the years before the First World War in order to enhance the tourism on the area of Castel San Pietro, then It was built near the World War II – with a deeply changed socio-economic context – which led to the closure already in 1944.

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