Running Tours in VERONA

From Roman age to Medieval and modern age through a Verona running tour.

Focus on different areas of Verona or ages by choosing your preferred tours to sigthsee the Roman Arena and the historical city centre of Verona, in a no-crowd course to sightsee all the iconic places of the Roman and Medieval ages. Have a look on the both sides of the river Adige flowing into the city, see Verona from its best point of view the wonderful terraces surrounding it, learn from your guide about Verona’s past time to gain a great introduction to the city.


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ARENA running tour

Run by the icons and the top spots like the Arena in the beautiful historical centre of Verona and discover its real essence.
1 hour
Verona running tour

SCALIGERA running tour 2h

The ultimate running tour in Verona. Get a comprehensive overview of the city from any side in a 2-hours extended running tour.
2 hours
Terraces tour
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TERRACES running tour

Run from the city centre up to the hills surrounding Verona and get a wonderful view from the terraces on the whole city and its icons.
1.5 hours