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The count-down is over for the 3rd edition of the Venice Night Trail! Saturday 14th April Venice will light up of a new light, the light of the headlamps of 3000 people registered in this unique 16K race which will take place in one of the most magical cities in the world.


Running at night, wrapped in the silence and accompanied by the sweet melody of the water. This is an experience not to be missed for those who love to match a sporting occasion with the discover of enchanting urban contexts.

Well, everything happens in threes and this 2018 edition – organized by Venice Marathon Club – sold out very quickly!
The Venice Night Trail is not an ordinary run. You will face the race course along canali and rii, among campi and campielli, up and down over 51 bridges, in a maze of calli and fondamenta paved with masegni; be careful where you will put your feet but at the same time try to don’t miss the landscape around you to get the best of this nightlife experience!

You will always be surrounded by water, both of the lagoon and the drinking water of the fountains (really appreciated by the thirsty runners).
If sometimes you will raise your sight, you will notice the nizioleti (the urban sign of Venice) on the walls and you will be able to immerse you even further in the atmosphere of this history-soaked city.

Don’t underestimate the obstacles that you will find along the way: it will be frequent to find “congestions”, especially in the first kilometers, due to the bridges that will make you slow down and some tight calli (remember that there will be 3000 runners!).
Frequent also the bacari and osterias which you will notice crossing the different districts (especially along the fondamenta in the Cannaregio district), not to be confused with refreshment points!
Go straight to the finish line, then you will have all the time to celebrate in the moonlight!

Get ready to race!

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